Yellow is a balloon

Yellow is a balloon floating in the sky with her string dangling thin in the air with nothing to hold on to but will itself.
Yellow is bold as she floats here there and everywhere.
The string is like a wisp of hair, you would not see it, if you did not know it was there.
Yellow is a floating balloon never fixes herself to any one place, anything or anyone.
She floated to India all yellow and bright and blended in with their saris and their turmeric and spice and she thought for a while, to tie her string to this land, but continued floating instead.
She floated to Mozambique and floated away as soon as the wind returned.
She floated to Antigua and Nicaragua and to Holland and Alaska.
Yellow is a balloon the colour of mango and lemon together as one.
She floats and rides the winds.
She is full of air, full of thought, full of words.

Yellow is a contended balloon.


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